Cadbury Flake

The process for making Cadbury Flake is a closely guarded secret and no other chocolate manufacturer has ever managed to recreate it. That’s why no other chocolate bar can rival the delicate, crumbly texture of a Cadbury Flake.

Cadbury first made the crumbliest flakiest chocolate in the 1920s. Flake was developed almost by accident by an employee – and exactly how it is made remains one of Cadbury’s best kept secrets today! Just like a snowflake, no two Flakes are exactly the same.

Flake 99
Flake 99, a shorter Flake, was made especially for the ice cream trade in the 1930s and there are many tales of how and why it became known as Flake 99!
Flake is made from pure crumb chocolate and its unique ripples and curls mean that only Flake can crumble into thousands of tiny flakes, filling your mouth with Flake’s intense & indulgent chocolate taste.

At Cadbury in Coolock we make Flake for the Irish, UK and Middle Eastern markets. Many millions of bars are made each year. Yum!

Flake is sensual, carefree, soulful, delicate, alluring and mysterious. Flake advertising throughout the years is almost as iconic as the product itself.

A Cadbury Flake moment remains one of the most unique, indulgent chocolate experiences.

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