Coffee House Lane

Coffee House Lane is an award-winning artisan coffee roaster, based in Waterford. We hand-roast 100% of our beans here in the Déise, & are proud to continue the tradition of coffee roasting in the county. We are known for our unparalleled quality – hand-roasting Rainforest Alliance Certified beans in our Toper Roasters. All our coffees pay tribute to Waterford’s rich history and celebrate the locality. 

Over 330 years ago in 1690, Coffee House Lane, adjacent to the then busy trading port of Waterford, boasted what is long believed to be Ireland’s first ever coffee house. Green coffee was traded at the port, then roasted, brewed and sold at John Aikenhead’s Coffee House on what became Coffee House Lane of Waterford.

Our range is not just inspired by the name, but also by the ethos of coffee roasting and brewing back in 1690. This ethos is the cornerstone of our business – we select the finest beans from all over the world and slowly hand roast them in small batches. Our smooth and rich flavoured coffee is filled with heritage and know-how…We roast by sense; watching, listening, smelling and tasting each and every roast, as roasters would have done in 1690.

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Product Range

Coffee House Lane 1690 Blend – Freshground & Wholebean
Coffee House Lane Viking City Roast – Freshground & Wholebean
Coffee House Lane Copper Coast Roast – Freshground & Wholebean
Coffee House Lane Centenary Blend – Freshground & Wholebean
Coffee House Lane Aikenhead’s Blend – Freshground & Wholebean