Foxes Bow Whiskey

Like most great ideas, this one started in a bar. While living in San Francisco, Limerick native Tony was drinking in an impressively well-stocked whiskey bar and noticed that in the sea of black and green bottles with rolling hills and castle, there were very few options that represented modern day, contemporary Ireland.

Inspired by the incredible wave of creativity coming out of Ireland over the last couple of years, Tony thought this should surely extend to whiskey.

He quickly roped in Alice to put in motion an idea to remedy that. And the founders have been working on Foxes Bow Whiskey ever since!

With a distinct lack of respect for rules and a severe impatience with the status quo, we’re a whiskey for anyone. But we won’t be for everyone.

Inspired by the popularity of rye whiskey in Toronto and San Francisco while living there, Alice and Tony were eager to explore the impact of rye on Irish Whiskey. So they added a rye cask finish to Release 01.

The result is a delicious layer on spice which balances well with the burst of red dried fruits and sweet vanilla from the sherry and bourbon barrels also used to age the whiskey. And you don’t have to just take our word for it. Foxes Bow Whiskey won GOLD in the Irish Whiskey Awards 2022.



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Foxes Bow Irish Whiskey

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