As Ireland’s best-loved dairy brand, we are proud to produce the finest Irish milk and yogurt products in the country, packed with taste and free from additives and nasties. Our motto is simple – Nothing Artificial. Ever.

We have a collective vision for an Organic Ireland, where the health and wellbeing of future generations is assured; our passion is bringing you the best tasting and healthiest organic dairy products, so taste our yogurt or milk to discover what makes us exceptional – the truth is in the pot. When you choose Glenisk, you know you have chosen the Good Yogurt for you and the ones you love.

Meet the Cleary’s – the family behind the business. For three decades, the Cleary family has been producing yogurt in Killeigh, Co Offaly, beside the farm where founder Jack and his proud wife Mary raised 14 children. Several of the children are at the heart of the business today, ensuring that Glenisk, regardless of how much it grows, remains faithful and true to Jack’s vision of producing delicious, nutritious and ethical products in Ireland.

Glenisk holds the belief that healthy soil creates healthy food to raise healthy children. It is this philosophy that drives our commitment to organic farming in the hope that generations to come will reap its benefits – this is what ignites our passion for producing the best tasting organic dairy products in the world.

We work with 50 remarkable farmers to source quality organic milk for our products. In fact, we use 90% of the organic milk produced on the island of Ireland! Where once we were seen as an alternative business, today more and more people are choosing organic food – for its superior taste, health benefits and to play their part in preserving our planet.

We are constantly improving and developing our recipes to ensure that our products are the very best they can be; we are always striving for better. This includes producing organic yogurt with live cultures for healthy gut bacteria, yogurt for children and babies, from aged 6 months, high-protein yogurts for fitness and strong muscles, goat’s yogurt and milk for those with dairy sensitivities, organic cream & creme fraiche and organic milk.

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Discover our range of premium Irish milk and yogurt products, produced in the heart of Ireland using the freshest grass-fed Irish milk, including high protein yogurt, Organic stirred yogurt, baby & kids’ yogurt, cream & creme fresh, organic milk and Irish goat milk and yogurts. All of our products are 100% natural, with nothing artificial. Ever.