Golden Bake

Golden Bake are a frozen bakery company based in Coolock, Dublin, employing 100 people.
We have been feeding hungry families in Ireland since first opening our doors over 30 years ago in 1987!
We make the finest frozen bakery products, specialising in puff pastry products. We use the traditional French method of lamination for our puff pastry, which creates up to 100 light, flaky layers. Our products are ready-to-bake comfort foods, designed to fill your bellies and warm your hearts!

Don’t just make it – Golden Bake it!

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (01) 847 0857


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Product Range

The core range is:-
Large Ham & Cheese Jambons (2 Pack)
Chicken Curry Jambons (2 Pack)
Mini Ham & Cheese Jambons (9 Pack)
Mini Pizza Pepperoni Jambons (9 Pack)
Sausage Rolls (6 Pack)
Vegan Sausage Rolls (6 Pack)
Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies (6 Pack)
All Butter Mini Pastries (8 Pack)