itil38 was founded in 2021 by Irishmen Shane Davey, Niall O’Dwyer and John Reynold. 

It was begun to be the first premium Irish Vodka brand with the ambition to gain pouring status within the on trade in Ireland. 

The liquid was designed specifically to be excellent making cocktails.

Having worked for both Diageo and Irish distillers Shane saw a gap in the market for a premium Irish Vodka, that had the ambitions to gain good rate of sale. 

The Spirits market in Ireland has been traditionally dominated by the multinational brands. There were already lots of “Irish Whiskeys” and “Irish Gins”, but there was no one driving any real sales of Irish Vodka in the market. 

The main Vodka brands were all mass produced. Istil38 is small batch and produced in a 500 litre copper pot still.

Istil 38 is a forward-thinking Irish vodka for people who are going places. Life’s too short to settle for less, so we’ve dedicated ourselves to hand-crafting a vodka that is simply better tasting and better for the environment. 
Now isn’t that a refreshing thought? 

Pippa O’Connor joined the team as Creative director, to help the brand better appeal to its target market.

istil38’s target market is female ABC1 consumers and anyone who likes cocktails.


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Product Range

Pot Still Vodka, Pot Still Vodka Vanilla and Pot Still Vodka Pink Berries.  All in 700ml bottles