Longways Cider

Every drop of Longways Cider captures the essence of the Tipperary naturally lush, rolling countryside that provides the perfect conditions to produce truly outstanding cider.

Longways Orchard located in the lush rolling countryside of Southeast Tipperary overlooking the River Suir, is home to James O ‘Donoghue and his family who have been producing some of Ireland’s best cider apples for many years. Surrounded by nature, the orchards are also home to sixteen Irish honeybee colonies that pollinate the entire orchard James believes in the terroir of the cider and is an avid cider maker. “As a lover of nature, growing apples and creating the perfect cider requires time, attention to detail and dedication. The process starts with the careful management of the soils of our orchards, coupled with dedicated care, maintenance, and plant husbandry to grow the perfect apples and catches the terroir in a bottle of our cider.

James’ ciders have won Gold, Silver and Bronze Blas awards, Gold and Silver at BBI UK, Sliver & Bonzes at Cider World Germany and a Great taste award.

LongWays Cider is distributed through Premier International Distribution and is currently sold in selected SuperValu stores, O’Donovan’s Off Licences. O’Briens Wines and selected Off Licences in Nationwide.

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Telephone: 0876494724

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Product Range

  • Elderflower Cider: aromas of spring elderflowers and ripe autumn apples
  • Tipperary Cider: A richly fruited apple cider, beautifully balanced with a medium dry finish
  • Sweet Katy: crisp bright aromas of red-skinned Katy apples, with sweet and tangy tart apple finish