Muckross Irish Gin

A new spirit from an ancient Kingdom.
When you pour a glass of Muckross Irish Gin, you are experiencing more than just an exquisite craft spirit.
Inspired by the native botanicals of Ireland’s oldest National Park in Muckross, Killarney, Co. Kerry, this award-winning, premium gin is exceptionally smooth and refreshingly rounded with a unique flavour profile.
We forage local wild hawthorn, blackthorn, heather and rosehip to capture the essence of our home, delicately distilling this balanced blend of botanicals with bitter orange and grapefruit to craft our wild and unhurried gin.
Our Irish spirit is a tribute to one of the most beautiful places on earth; it is the taste of Muckross in a bottle.
Tasting notes:
Floral and sweet on the nose
Smooth, herbaceous, juniper-led with a burst of citrus on the palate
Culminating with a long floral finish like no other
Muckross Irish Gin featured in British Vogue as one of their ‘New Picks’ in 2022.
Enjoy our refreshing signature serve of Muckross Irish Gin & premium tonic, or embrace the flavours in an elegant cocktail like a Muckross Bramble or a Muckross ’75.



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Telephone: 0864523371
Address: ‘Wood Avens’, Mill Road, Killarney, Co. Kerry

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Muckross Irish Gin 70cl

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Muckross Irish Gin Gift Set (70cl bottle, 2 branded glasses)