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O’Hanlon Herbs

O’Hanlon Herbs was started in a small suburban back garden in County Dublin in 1988.
Back then a 10x20ft greenhouse started herb seedlings from which seasonal potted herbs were sold to the local greengrocer, and door to door.

O Hanlon Herbs moved to a Wicklow farm very close to the village of Glenealy in 1992. The popularity of fresh herbs grew since then, helped by TV celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver and renewed interest in using natural flavourings. With continual investment in growing and packing facilities our business also grew with the market.

In 2018 we are celebrating 30 years in business and we are still based in Glenealy,Co.Wicklow, now employing 40 people. We sell our herbs to Irish national retailers both potted and fresh cut herbs.

Irish potted herbs are grown year round in a state of the art 2 acre glasshouse. In 2012 we reduced our carbon footprint by significant investment in converting from oil burner to a bio fuel heating system that will use Wicklow wood chip and support the local bio fuel industry.

Seasonal cut herbs are grown by contracted Irish growers and are packed and graded in our Glenealy herb pack house.

Irish potted herbs

Our potted herbs have become an Irish kitchen window sill staple! They are a decorative and handy alternative to cut herbs whenever a sprig or sprinkle of fresh herbs is required in the kitchen. In the summer months, and with a bit of tender loving care, they can be successfully planted out in tubs or herb gardens. Our potted herbs are 100% Irish grown in Co.Wicklow.

Fresh cut herbs (Irish grown in season)

Fresh cut packets are ideally suited to the planned special or everyday meal where fresh herbs lift’s the flavour from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The range of herb flavours is extensive covering Lemon Grass (nt yet grown in Ireland but we are trying!) to the tried and trusted parsley!  All our cut herbs are packed and graded in Wicklow, and Irish grown in season, mainly from June-October.

Fresh herb trio

The best things come in threes! Our fresh herb trio is a promotional range of 3 Irish potted herbs you will see in stores around Christmas and Easter.

Rosemary Sage Thyme, robust herbs ideal for roasted meat or vegetable, or hearty stews and casseroles in the Winter (not forgetting Christmas Dinner!) and Spring (roast lamb!) ,or barbeques in the Summer

Mint Basil Parsley, softer herbs with versatile use in sauces, salads or as a flavourful garnish. These herbs are ideal for Summer dishes.

Ballyknocken, Glenealy – Co. Wicklow – Ireland
+353 (0) 404 44 999

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