Ór – Real Irish Butter.

“North Cork Creameries – home of Ór-Real Irish Butter is well recognised by the industry for producing great tasting, top quality butter.”

Ór is the translation of the Irish & Gaelic word for Gold. It best describes Ór’s creamy natural goodness & reassuringly traditional taste. This is made possible by our traditional, slow churning, craft production methods. And we have had plenty of practice – established back in 1928 generations of Master Butter Makers have stood over the production of our traditional Irish Butter – made with Summer milk from certified grass fed cows. All our milk is sourced close to North Cork Creamery from farmers and farms we know for generations. We are proud of our natural golden butter because we know that nothing tastes better than natural!

At North Cork Creameries, the home of Ór-Real Irish Butter, not much changes on a day to day basis and we are OK with that. We know that when things are done right there is no real need for change. The secret of Ór Real Irish Butter is simple really – we source our milk from certified grass fed cows, all located close to our creamery.

We know our butter tastes amazing, but don’t only take our word for it – we are delighted to have won the prestigious 2 Star Great Taste Awards 2022 and The Irish Quality Food & Drink Q Gold Award 2022. These awards are a tribute to the many generations of farming families who produce our high quality milk and to our highly dedicated team of craft butter makers who are passionate about Ór-Real Irish Butter.

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Address: Strand Street, Kanturk, Co. Cork, Ireland

Telephone: +353(0)2950003  

Email: [email protected]

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