Ponticelli Espresso

Ponticelli Coffee began in 2009. We are a family owned and operated business with the brand first established by father and son, Stephen and Mark Bergin. After growing tired of the lack of quality coffee available, we invested in our first coffee roaster in 2011 and became the first commercial coffee roasters here in the South East of Ireland. Over the years we have blended various countries of origins together and created multiple roast profiles, our most popular to this day remains Cafe Creme.From Brazil, Costa Rica & Colombia.

Our range is not just inspired by the name, but also by the ethos of coffee roasting and brewing back in 1690. This ethos is the cornerstone of our business – we select the finest beans from all over the world and slowly hand roast them in small batches. Our smooth and rich flavoured coffee is filled with heritage and know-how…We roast by sense; watching, listening, smelling and tasting each and every roast, as roasters would have done in 1690.

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Product Range

Ponticelli Amalfi Coast Wholebean Coffee
Ponticelli Cafe Creme Wholebean Coffee
Ponticelli Cafe Espresso Wholebean Coffee
Ponticelli Cafe Milano Wholebean Coffee
Ponticelli Cafe San Marco Wholebean Coffee
Ponticelli Cafe Superiore Wholebean Coffee