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Established in 1954 by Joe “Spud” Murphy, Tayto became known for the invention of the Cheese and Onion flavoured crisp. Now, over 6 decades later, Tayto remains the no.1 crisps brand in Ireland and hosts an array of sub-brands such as SNAX, Meanies, Treble Crunch and Mighty Munch to name a few.

Tayto is not just iconic in Ireland but also provides a much-needed taste of home to many Irish diaspora and is often voted the most missed Irish product by ex-pats living abroad. The loveable mascot, Mr Tayto, is held fondly in the heart of the Irish household and he embodies what the brand means to so many and continues to engage with fans across all platforms especially his very popular social media pages.

Tayto is known for it’s TV campaigns featuring Mr. Tayto and in recent years we have seen him as our everyday hero in “More than just a crisp” and taking to the dancefloor in coppers in “Tayto Muchos”. In 2021, in support of Tayto Cheesatees, Mr. Tayto delighted the nation with his cheesiest advertisement yet, which had consumers thinking what they would do to “Feed Your Cheesiosity”.

Exciting times lie ahead for Tayto, with Mr.Tayto proudly introducing new products such as Tayto Limited Edition flavours as well as products sure to evoke nostalgia and also new pack formats of some of the nation’s favourite snacks and crisps.

Tayto-More Than Just a Crisp!

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