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Tic Tac in Ireland

Tic Tac is one of the worlds most popular mints with over €2.1 million of the product being supplied to the Irish market every year. The Cork based factory was established in 1975 initially, as a packing facility and has been producing Tic Tac flavoured drops since 1995, now it’s proudly supplying 45% of the worlds Tic Tac flavoured drops.

Cork Tic Tac Factory Facts

8.8 boxes of Tic Tac flavoured drops are produced per minute in the Cork factory. That is, 36 Tic Tac flavoured drops are produced per second in the Cork factory

Packs available in Ireland

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Flavours available in Ireland

Tic Tac flavoured drops is available in Ireland in a full range of flavours and sizes.

Fresh Mint
Cherry Passion
Spearmint Twist
Lime & Orange
Apple Burst
Strawberry Fields





Ferrero Ireland Ltd

Located in: Ballycurreen Industrial Estate
Address: Kinsale Road, Cork
Phone: (021) 491 7600

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