Traditional Cheese Company

Traditional Cheese Company was founded in 1984 as an independent specialist cheese wholesaler to the Foodservice and Retail sectors both within Ireland and export markets. The growth and developments in the cheese industry over the years precipitated the recent expansion and development of our premises including an expansion of warehouse, the introduction of a state-of-the-art packing facility with high care rooms with positive air flow, production/packing area, introduction of intelligent cutters for both Cheddar and Speciality Cheeses and a waxing cheese line.

The company sources and selects cheese from across Ireland and Europe and serves customers in retail, foodservice and manufacturing in all major towns and cities in Ireland. Today we are proud to partner with many Irish companies and continue to source many excellent cheeses from around the world for our clients. Industry knowledge and expertise have been utilised to develop the Traditional Cheese brand range of product, widely available throughout Speciality Food Shops and Independent retailers. The range caters for traditional daily use to the more indulgent speciality product. We supply both the Traditional Cheese brand as well as Own Brand in a wide selection of cheeses. We now also export our products to countries in Europe, Asia and to Australia. A key export product for the business is our Selected Vintage cheddar, where the company ages, grades and selects all its Vintage Cheddar on taste, texture and age where typically we would have 300 tons maturing on an ongoing basis.

We work with market leading businesses in the European food industry and have developed partnerships with artisan producers, both in Ireland and in Europe, to develop product for Irish and international markets.

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Telephone: +353 14509494


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Product Range

  • Vintage Cheddar
  • Mature Cheddar
  • Oakwood Smoked Irish Cheddar
  • Irish Brie
  • Smokey Brie
  • Mild Block Cheddar
  • Sliced Cheddar