White Gold Irish Garlic

White Gold Irish Garlic is growing the best of Irish garlic, all grown in Co. Kildare. 

At our garlic farm, we are dedicated to growing the freshest and most flavourful garlic. All of our produce are grown only with organic fertilizers to make sure best quality and taste

We take pride in offering a wide variety of garlic types, each with its own unique flavour and culinary uses. From the pungent and bold flavour of our hardneck garlic to the mild and sweet taste of our elephant garlic, we have something for every taste and recipe.

Our garlic is hand-planted and carefully inspected for quality to ensure that only the best garlic makes it to your table. We offer both whole bulbs and individual cloves, so you can choose the perfect size and quantity for your needs.

We are passionate about garlic and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our farm and farming practices. Contact us today to learn more about our garlic and how you can incorporate it into your cooking.


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Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +353 87 7956345

Address: 99 Woodlawn, Allenwood, Co. Kildare W91E3W4

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