Zingibeer is an incredibly delicious and refreshing ginger beer. It’s made using fermented ginger, lemon zest and botanicals. We use only natural ingredients and have no additives, sulphites or other preservatives. It’s brewed using a special yeast that naturally carbonates giving it a sophisticated mouth feel and the ginger is such that it doesn’t leave a lingering heat making it a perfect pairing with food, drunk on its own over ice or even used in cocktails to give your Dark and Stormy an extra kick!

At the heart of our plan to create a traditional alcoholic ginger beer was our Irishness. We saw the growing popularity in the on and off trade of alcoholic ginger beer and quickly realised the only ginger beers on the market were UK imports. Dad had been a brewer for many years and as a lover of all things F&B I saw the exciting potential in being the first and only Irish made ginger beer. I got to work on the name and branding and Dad perfected the recipe and production process. After almost 12 months of research and development we finally had a shelf ready Zingibeer, the taste was bang on and the branding felt just as we hoped; fresh, stand out and that great balance of traditional with a contemporary feel.

We took part in the SuperValu Food Academy program in 2021 – this helped us to fine tune all aspects of our product, from taste to branding and of course the all important store trials have given us invaluable insights to how our product has performed, information that you wouldn’t get without being under the Food Academy umbrella. Fast forward to September  2022 and we received a gold Blas nahEireann award. This was such a proud moment and wonderful recognition of the work we’ve done to date. 

Our journey is only starting and I can’t wait to see what we can do with the next 12 months. We’re thrilled to have been awarded the Love Irish Food bursary and look forward to being a member and proudly displaying the all familiar green heart Love Irish Food logo on our label.”

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500ml bottle Zingibeer Irish Ginger Beer