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Love Irish Food supports business and our future industry leaders by showcasing college intern placements.  If you are business looking for a well qualified intern click the links below, the durations are varied and please link in with the universities directly with your specific needs.  

If you are a university that would like to be featured here please reach out via link in Contact Us.

Interns for your food business

MTU Intern Opportunities

Faculty of Business & Humanities with intern placements in the following areas of expertise

Marketing, Business Information Systems, Business Administration, Accounting, Horticulture, Agriculture, Business.

Faculty of Engineering & Science with intern placements in the following areas of expertise

Computer Science, Engineering (various), Biological Sciences.

For more information email:  [email protected]

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University of Galway 

The MSc Agrifood Sustainability & Technology program

is seeking for the industry/company placement for our Master students. Our Master students possess the comprehensive knowledge and skills in the dynamic fields of agrifood, sustainability, and technology; and are well-prepared for the challenges they may encounter during their research project placement and in their future careers.

For more information email: [email protected]

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UCD Intern opportunities

PWE is an integral component of all degree programmes within the School of Agriculture and Food Science in UCD. PWE refers to a substantial work placement in a business/organisation which supports experiential learning in the workplace. This is the students’ first opportunity to put theory into practice as they carry out commercial activities as part of their PWE placement. Students develop a range of inter- and intra-personal skills as a result of their experience. It is a fantastic opportunity for our students to develop career strategies and begin building a network within industry, with many students often securing employment prior to graduation as a result of their PWE experience.  For more information email [email protected]; [email protected]

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