Love Irish Food Membership Criteria

1) Is the brand manufactured in the Republic Of Ireland?

This verifies the member product is made in the ROI and has a direct link to providing employment in the ROI. A member product can only be classified as a Love Irish Food member brand when at least 80% of the product’s ex-factory value is created in the ROI. Some brands may have some of their pack variants produced outside of the ROI for various reasons. Where a SKU i.e. a variant, flavour or pack size in the range is not produced in ROI that SKU cannot carry the Love Irish Food logo.

2) Primary Ingredients must be sourced from Ireland where possible.

Some ingredients for Irish Food and Drink Brands are not grown in Ireland e.g. we do not grow tea leaves, oranges, coffee beans, etc so these ingredients must be imported. A brand can still be eligible when its ingredients are imported as long as these ingredients cannot be sourced from ROI. Some ingredients are only available seasonally in the ROI, or supplies may be limited or not to producer specification and therefore it may be necessary to import replacement/additional supplies. There must still be value added to the brand in the ROI through the manufacturing process and the addition of other raw materials, packaging, labour etc. It is these additional elements which help sustain employment for the direct employees of the company and to the many suppliers who also play an integral role in getting the finished product to the shelf in the grocery shop. A Brand is eligible to join Love Irish Food only when both criteria are met.

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