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Terms & Conditions

Members forum compliance statement

Love Irish Food members forum is conducted in accordance with the relevant competition and antitrust laws. Association members shall not enter into any discussion, activity or conduct that may infringe, on its part or on the part of its members, any applicable competition law.

You are therefore reminded that you will refrain from discussing any information which is confidential to your company and/or which is likely to affect the commercial strategy or activities of your company. You are in the best position to judge what is, and what is not, commercially sensitive or confidential and so responsibility lies with you in the first place.

By way of example, members shall not discuss, communicate or exchange any commercially sensitive information, including non-public information relating to prices, marketing and advertising strategy, costs and revenues, trading terms and conditions with third parties, including purchasing strategy, terms of supply, trade programmes or distribution strategy. This applies not only to discussions in formal meetings but also to informal discussions before, during and after meetings.