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Webinar: Love Irish Food; ‘Embracing Change – Adapting to Change’ & speaker presentations

March 9, 2022 Press Releases

Embracing change - Adapting to change

Wednesday, 9th of March 2022

Love Irish Food assembled an exceptional panel of speakers to tackle the challenges in, Embracing change- Adapting to change.  We have seen over the past two years how the nation and specifically the food industry and retail and food service sectors have confronted change. Dunnes Stores has invested, grown and adapted to a rapidly changed retail food environment. Food consumption is not constant. It too evolves driven by technology and lifestyle and UCC’s Department of Food Business and Development can share a view of the future. Food consumption trends have forced significant change in household purchasing and as food service reopens we will see significant change yet again. But will it revert or adapt? Kantar Ireland will focus light on this.


Repak webinar speaker

Alison Cowzer – Director East Coast Bakehouse




Repak webinar speaker

Tara McCarthy – CEO, Bord Bia


Panel of Speakers

James Wilson – Food Director, Dunnes Stores

Download the presentation:Love Irish Food Webinar Wednesday 9th March 2022 – JW Final

Repak webinar speaker

David Berry – Managing Director, Kantar Ireland

Download the presentation: Kantar Presentation LIF 2022 Final


Repak webinar speaker

Professor Joe Bogue – Cork University Business School

Download the presentation: Prof. Bogue and Dr. Repar.pptx


Repak webinar speaker

Dr. Lana Repar – Cork University Business School

Download the presentation: Prof. Bogue and Dr. Repar.pptx


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