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Bryan Lynch Finest Salads Tuna and Sweetcorn

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 0 minutes

Serves: All the family

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Tuna, Sweetcorn and Mayo is a classic filling for bread rolls and sandwiches.

Add a kick of spice to our Tuna & Sweetcorn filler by adding our Taco or Cajun Mayonnaise! If you are looking for added sweetness, try our Sweet Chilli Mayonnaise. And not forgetting their amazing Garlic Mayonnaise!!

Try it yourself, you will need:

1 x Bagel
1 x 280g of Bryan Lynch Finest Salads Tuna & Sweetcorn salad
2 x heaped tea spoons of Bryan Lynch Finest Salads favoured mayonnaise of your choice

1 x bowl of mixed leave salad


Spread a generous amount of flavoured mayonnaise on the bread/roll

Spoon out two spoonfuls of the freshly made Tuna & Sweetcorn combination

Shake up your mixed leave salad and toss on top!

For added flavour, squeeze some extra mayonnaise on top!

Cut in half and wrap in grease proof paper – Add to your lunchbox!

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