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The Perfect Cappuccino

Preparation time: 1 minute

Cooking time: 2 minutes

Serves: 1

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* You will need a coffee machine with milk foamer

Cappuccino …One part espresso…one part steamed milk and one part soft foamed milk… The secret to the perfect cappuccino is tiny bubbles in the frothed milk to give a smooth silky texture to the foam….Baristas (Expert coffee makers) choose Organic For Us Milk for the high quality which allows them to achieve a great quality cappuccino…

First, take a metal jug a half fill with Organic for Us milk. If using a steam function, hold the jug of milk  at slight angle until the temperature of the milk reaches around 60oC. If using an automated foamer, afterwards tap the jug on the worktop to allow some large bubbles escape.

Make an espresso in a traditional cappuccino cup, then pour on the warm milk.

Serve with a slice of your favourite cake.


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