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Spanish Chicken Casserole

Preparation time: 10

Cooking time: 90

Serves: 4

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 This recipe is bursting full of summery and slightly exotic flavours. Serve it with some fresh, crusty bread or cooked rice and a green salad.  Spanish Chicken Casserole!


1 Manor Farm chicken jointed or 4 chicken legs and 2 breasts quartered.

3 peppers, any colour. (I like to mix them)

2 crushed cloves of garlic.

1 glass of white wine

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

1 tbsp of Plain flour

200ml of good chicken stock (home made or pure brazen) or boiling water

bunch of O’Hanlon’s thyme, bunch of parsley, 3-4 bay leaves

juice of half a lemon

2 teaspoon of sweet smoked paprika

Salt and pepper


Shake your flour onto a plate. Season well with salt and pepper. Rub all over your chicken

Brown the chicken in a casserole dish on all sides. Remove when it turns a golden brown colour.

Sweat the onions, garlic and peppers for 10 minutes until they soften. Add your wine and bay leaves. Increase the heat and reduce the liquid until 2/3 of it has evaporated.

Add in your tomatoes and thyme. Place your chicken back in the dish. Add about 200ml of good chicken stock or boiling water.

Cover and simmer on a medium heat an hour. Take off the lid, add sweet & smoky salt, pepper, lemon juice and half your parsley (chopped up) and simmer on a low heat for at least another 30 minutes. This allows the liquid to reduce.

Just before serving, scatter the remaining chopped parsley over the mixture. Taste to see if the seasoning is correct.

Serve in big bowls.


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